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Use sensory marketing to increase sales at your clinic

use-sensory-marketing-to-increase-sales-at-your-clinicNowadays, clients are becoming more and more demanding. If your objective is to establish a strong bond with your clients, don't hold back; go a step further and create marketing campaigns that will appeal to your customers' senses. Use sensory marketing! When clients are purchasing products, instinct and senses have a great influence on the final decision they make at the moment of purchase. Below, we have provided you with some tips on how you can stimulate your customers' 5 senses when they visit your clinic. This will intensify your clients' sensations, both during and after their visit to your beauty salon.


Sensory marketing at your beauty salon

Visual Marketing

In general, when the public sees your clinic for the first time, immediately their visual senses will be stimulated, which will greatly influence their decision to enter your clinic. On top of this, it will help them decide whether or not your beauty salon will fulfil their needs.

Visually, a beauty salon should stimulate its customers' senses when they observe the exterior of the building, including the window display. This experience then continues within the interior of the building, for example, through the design, furniture, colors and lighting.

The visual identity of your 'brand' also plays an important role in this process. The logo, the computer graphics, the colors used for the business logo, the web etc., are all elements which will help your clients differentiate your clinic from the rest, and identify it immediately.

Audio Marketing

The music you play at your beauty salon is fundamental for providing a certain amount of intimacy and forming part of the sensory atmosphere.

When a person listens to music that they like, their bodies produce more endorphins, known as 'happy hormones'. This state affects your clients' decision to purchase your products.

On the other hand, music with different rhythms will have different effects on clients. A slow rhythm will help your clients relax and disconnect from the stress of daily life.

Olfactory marketing

It is important to  stimulate your clients' sense of smell when they visit your clinic, as different aromas have the ability to stimulate memories and generate well-being. Many beauty salon franchises use air fresheners to impregnate every corner of their beauty salon with their odotype (a fragrance designed especially for their beauty salon, according to its personality, which their clients will later be able to identify it by).

If you do not want to design your own fragrance, use a soft pleasant one that suits your beauty salon. Your clients will identify it immediately!

Tactile Marketing

The sense of touch tends to be left out of sensory marketing strategies, even though the possibility of selling a product is multiplied if it is felt. This often happens because many difficulties arise when incorporating this sensory experience, such as the amount of planning needed to fulfil the customer's experience, or having to incorporate an excessive application of anti-theft measures.

But, there is an infinity of hassle-free elements at your clinic that will stimulate your clients' sense of touch, such as the furnishing, towels, bed-clothing etc.. Make their experience a luxurious one by providing them with a variety of soft and silky textures.

Taste marketing

Taste is the most intimate and complex sense. For a product to reach a client's mouth, the participation of the other 4 senses is needed.

Nevertheless, you can also put this sensory experience into practise by Inviting your clients to have a drink. In the summer, you can offer them a refreshing juice and in the winter a cup of hot tea or coffee.

If your clients feel at home in their environment, there is a greater chance of them buying more products, asking for more services, and returning to your beauty salon. Start using sensory marketing, now!

If you would like more tips on building customer loyalty at your beauty salon, click on this link.

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